Our Instructors Rock

At MRU Cont Ed we are proud of our instructors. Most of them are rock stars in the fields that they teach for us. They use their own experiences and stories as teaching tools. Students get real-life insight into their world.

This week two instructors are in the spotlight.

David Sherlock, who teaches some of our Personal and Professional Finance & Investing courses, is the winner of the Globe & Mail’s stock-picking contest. The energy company stock he picked posted an eye-popping 111% gain! He’s the best in the country and he’s ours. David is a portfolio manager with Calgary-based McLean & Partners Wealth Management Ltd. 

Simon Rose is the author of children’s science fiction and fantasy novels, including time travel  themed books The Alchemist’s Portrait and The Sorcerer’s Letterbox. He was recently interviewed by Brit Writers’ Awards about his writing career. He’s teaching our Writing for Children and Young Adults course for 6 Wednesday evenings starting Jan. 16.

New Year, New You

The year 2013 has arrived. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

If improving your career, learning a new skill or exploring your creativity were on your list, Continuing Education at Mount Royal University might be able to help. Polish up that resume with professional development courses or expand your mind with personal development courses. Many of our programs take place in the evenings and/or the weekend. A lot of them are offered online or with online components. Perfect for people who have a lot on their plate already.

MRU Cont Ed has too many courses to list here. Check out the link above and start looking. You can use the search box on the website if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.