Yoga Therapy Student has Unexpected Career


Once in a while, a choice you make can take you on an unexpected path. This is true for Yoga Therapy student Carlie Nicol, who imagined she might work with athletic teams when she applied for the Yoga Therapy Extension Certificate at Mount Royal University.

Carlie had her own yoga and fitness studio when she decided to explore yoga beyond the mat in MRU’s Yoga Therapy program. She found that the program opened a whole world of career possibilities and she couldn’t be more excited about what the future has in store.

“I really enjoyed the variety of teachers and programming that they offered during my time there. I am doing things I never thought about before I joined the program,” Carlie says.

Carlie’s career went in a completely unexpected direction. Yoga therapy led to her work with Dr. Charles Boulet of Diamond Valley Vision Care. Carlie now works with children who have visual impediments to learning (VIL), which can affect not only their schooling but their overall health and behaviour. Carlie creates individualized therapies for the children and their families, providing tools they can use throughout their lives. The yoga therapies complement the treatments the children receive from Dr. Boulet.

“Yoga therapy as a long-standing tradition is of great value to us clinically,” says Dr. Boulet. “It does provide better balance control, better physical control, better integration of the left and right side of the body. Visual therapy requires these things….The Yoga Therapy program from Mount Royal emphasizes certain clinical things that I need as a therapist. It allows me to play with it, to paint with it and to come up with solution for families and for children that make sense and that are accessible.”

Vision therapy is only one of many possible applictions of yoga therapy.

“Yoga therapists are working with other professionals in hospitals, corrections centres, detox centers, with victims of domestic violence, with athletes, children and many other populations,” says MRU Yoga Therapy program coordinator Madeline Kapiczowski.

There are many roads for Yoga Therapy grads to take, and they may just lead to something completely unexpected.

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