MRU Shift Happened

By Elaine Ori and Courtney Wilson for MRU Shift

On a bright and sunny day in the grand ole city of Calgary, there was a spectacular social media conference hosted at MRU. We called it MRU Shift, but we don’t mind if you just call it plain fabulous. It was a congregation of great minds, with exceptional speakers of serious local talent.

The morning began with a keynote feature from Dr. Alex Bruton, a MRU faculty member and mind-blower extraordinaire. Also known as The Innographer, audiences were held captive during his memorable presentation on innovation, garnering week-long responses from the Twittersphere

Tyler Nagel ‏@tylerwsnagel
@theinnographer Loved your talk at #MRUshift – thanks!


Craig Nolin @CraigNolin ‏
@theinnographer great keynote speech at #MRUshift. Lots of great points.


Breakoutta the Box sessions ensued, with delegates having the chance to decide their fates. Both morning and afternoon breakouts hosted even more local talent including the likes of Buzz Bishop who’s still buzzing about his time with us!

The cool kids joined us over lunch for a race that is even More Amazing than what you can get on tv. It’s true. Twelve teams of delegates lined up to make their marks in a social media themed scavenger hunt race around MRU’s beautiful, interesting and contemporary campus. They raced, sang, became poets, told time, were scared by cougars and did their best to reach the finish line first. With some spectacular prizes, we crowned three teams the top winners and even got to award two honorable mentions. A job well won.

mru shift winners

After bellies had been satisfied thanks to YYC Food Trucks, an afternoon of discovery began. Some heavy hitters from ZGM opened up a purrrrfect afternoon keynote engaging audiences on the planning and execution of a good social media campaign. An onslaught of information, and a chance with ZEDS to practice some bad jokes rounded out an afternoon of super duper revelatory discussions.

From a Market Mall campaign where animals are all the fun, “@AllegedlyOld: Animals in the Mall? I thought the politically correct term was teenager #mrushift”, to some deep insights into where we need to step back and listen before we rush to the smart phone and tweet, delegates learned a thing or two. “@bonnaventure: There are more cell phones than tooth brushes in the world. #gross #mrushift.” Hey, we didn’t say everything would be useful.

In all, an extraordinary day was rounded out with a networking wine and cheese that provided a chance for speakers, delegates and of course the committee to put faces to handles. Toss in some astonishing door prizes (tequila tasting for four, anyone?) and a day’s worth of free candy (Sugar Cube has cost us all our girly figures), MRU Shift was an event for the history books, not soon forgotten. So if you joined us on that fateful day, we know you enjoyed every moment. The social media world is still abuzz. If you missed us this year, that’s really too bad but well… we had fun.

For more about the MRU Shift and other social media tips and inspiration, visit the MRU Shift Blog.

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