CE Appreciation Night

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Every year the Faculty of Continuing Education holds a special event to express appreciation to our instructors, advisory committees, curriculum partners, students and staff. This year’s event was May 23 in the Ross Glen Hall.

At the reception, string quartet from The Conservatory’s Academy of Gifted Youth: Isabelle Lebeuf-Taylor and Georgia Vogeli, violins, Odelle Ma, viola,
Hannah Wilson, cello.

A reception started off the evening, with an opportunity for everyone to meet, mingle and network. It was followed by an award ceremony recognizing long service instructors and staff, teaching award recipients and scholarship students.

Dean Norma MacIntosh welcomed everyone.
Dean Norma MacIntosh welcomed everyone.
Keynote speaker Garth Roberts, Corporate Training instructor, on the importance of life-long learning.
Certificates were given out at the award ceremony.

Gerry Law, 92, was recognized for Exceptional Service as a founder of the Transitional Vocational Programs who has served on the TVP Advisory Committee for over 30 years. Gerry’s family and friends were there to celebrate with him.

Gerry Law, centre, with Craig Baskett and Norma MacIntosh of MRU (left) and family members.
Gerry Law, centre, with his son Jamie and wife Margaret. Craig Baskett and Norma MacIntosh (left) and Elaine Danelesko (right) of MRU.

Certificates were awarded to recognize over 50 instructors and companies for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service. Not all recipients were able to attend the ceremony due to the heavy rain.

5-year certificates: (l-r) Clifton Thornton, Karmen Lippett, Biyi Adeniran (ISSEC Inc.), Riccardo Silvestro
10-year service award: Eric Scott.
10-year certificate: Eric Scott
Cornelia Chang (5-year certificate, Distinguished Teaching Award)

Scholarships (l-r): Carly Piercy (Massage Therapy Entrance Scholarship), Melissa Gerbrandt (Lucy Award, Pat & Stu Gauthier Memorial Scholarship), Sarah Blenkin (TVP Class Valedictorian), Nureen Velji and Murray Fairs (Pat & Stu Gauthier Memorial Scholarship)Eighteen staff members were also commended for 5, 10, 15 and 25 years of service. Congratulations to everyone who was recognized at CE Appreciation – we really do appreciate everything you do to make a difference in our learners’ lives.

by Karen McCarthy

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