Summer Intensive for Funeral Students

Most of the courses in Mount Royal’s Funeral Service Education certificates are delivered online. Some courses, such as restorative arts and embalming labs, require hands-on training.

Calgary and area students attend these classes throughout the year. Out-of-town students travel to Calgary for the Summer Intensive each June.


This year 14 students from as far away as St. John, New Brunswick, attended the Summer Intensive.



They took part in restorative arts classes, working from photographs of real people to create customized makeup on mannequin heads.

Embalming labs took place in Calgary funeral homes McInnis and Holloway, Piersons Funeral Services and Fosters Garden Chapel.

Students worked between 10 to 14 hours a day between classes, embalming labs and studying for finals. The Summer Intensive took place during the disastrous Calgary floods, but the students managed to get to their embalming labs. They also toured the University of Calgary Medical School’s cadaver lab.

Students were treated to a limo ride and lunch.
Students were treated to a limo ride and lunch.

Mount Royal’s Funeral Service certificates prepare students for licensing through the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board. Other provinces have similar licensing bodies.

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