LEEDing the Way to a Greener Future

Frydryk Peret, Building Green with LEED student
Fryderyk Peret, Building Green with LEED student

When most people think Calgary, they think oil and gas. But Calgary is growing and diversifying in many different industries.

Fryderyk Peret made the leap from the oil patch to the green building industry when he took Mount Royal’s Building Green with LEED: New Construction Rating System exam preparation course in 2012.

Fryderyk now works as an Analyst, Buildings – Sustainability for MMM Group, a pioneering Canadian engineering consulting firm specializing in green building and transportation projects.

He works with architects and designers to achieve energy conservation at every stage of a new building’s construction and life cycle. He builds computer models of various configurations and makes recommendations based on cost as well as potential energy savings.

Fryderyk works with construction drawings and does energy modelling of every single lighting fixture, HVAC boilers and chillers, and materials for walls and windows. “A lot of energy is lost through the framing system in windows and walls. A wall filled with R-20 insulation may have an actual R-value that’s significantly lower,” he says.

Fryderyk’s model is then compared to a reference building: a standard building that doesn’t include any energy efficiencies.

On a daily basis, Fryderyk reviews clients’ building plans from the ground up to ensure that they meet requirements to achieve LEED certification for new construction. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the international standard for green buildings in 132 countries around the world.

Buildings generate up to 35 percent of greenhouse gases and contribute up to 35 percent of landfill waste through construction and demolition.

Fryderyk, originally from Edmonton, earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Alberta in 2009. “It was the worst possible time to graduate ever,” he says. “I looked for work for a year, took a position in Red Deer as a field engineer in the oilfield service industry and then transferred to Calgary to design the equipment. After three years I decided it wasn’t for me.”

Fryderyk always had an interest in green energy. He had interned at the Technical University of Munich in Germany helping a master’s student construct and analyze a solar collector containing phase-change materials after completing his engineering degree at U of A.

Fryderyk enrolled with us in spring 2012. The 36-hour course prepared him to write the Green Associate exam, and a letter from instructor Adam Stoker helped with the experience requirement for the certification.

“The Mount Royal course really provided me with everything that I needed in order to pass the exam,” he says. “Overall it was interesting and well taught. There was a lot of information that I didn’t have any idea about.”

In his spare time, Fryderyk enjoys tennis and snowboarding. “I like nerding out with renewable energy projects,” he says. “I helped my buddy build a solar collector recently.”

As green energy grows in importance in Alberta, careers like Fryderyk’s will become more widespread. Congratulations to Fryderyk on LEEDing the way!

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