Land Business is the Family Business

Jenelle Belland
Jenelle Belland

In celebration of the 2014 CAPLA Conference, we are profiling some of the first graduates of our Petroleum Land Business program.

“Oil and gas is rooted throughout my family,” says Jenelle Belland. “They worked in mineral and surface land.”

Jenelle is a graduate of MRU’s Petroleum Land Administration program. She was eager to continue her industry education with the Petroleum Land Business when it launched. She completed it in December 2013.

“I started working in land at Quicksilver last September,” she says. “I was almost finished with the program and they supported me through the final two courses.”

Jenelle is from Okotoks. When she finished high school her mother mentioned the MRU Petroleum Land Administration program as something to do “just for now”. Jenelle completed the certificate in 2010 and has been working in the field ever since, starting as a summer intern. She is now Surface Land Administrator with Quicksilver Resources Canada Inc., a mid-sized natural gas company.

Jenelle was able to work in mineral and surface land throughout her program, which gave her an opportunity to gain practical experience with both junior and larger companies. “My work experience complemented everything I was learning in the classroom, and I found that I really enjoy working directly with landowners and various stakeholders,” she says.

“Currently I am working in a surface position, but the MRU program has not limited me to that. My educational background has expanded as well as enhanced my knowledge in different areas of the oil and gas industry, such as mineral land,” she notes.

“I like the fact that I work in an industry that is always changing and growing; you never stop learning,” Jenelle says.

by Karen McCarthy

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