The Best Teacher is Experience

RGH_blog_600x450Today is another beautiful day in Calgary. Looking out at the mountains still covered in spring snow brings feelings of nostalgia about how far Continuing Education Faculty has come since moving into the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning (RMCCL).

The Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning is shared with the Faculty’s Events and Conference Services team. The Events team has been in the building since it was opened in September 2006 and has a wealth of stories to share. They have grown from a small staff to a broad and dedicated team of event professionals. They host a wide range of events all year round, from business meetings to conferences, fundraisers and galas.

Recently they blogged about their experiences growing in the events industry and all they have learned over the years. See their featured post in the Canadian University and College Conference Organizers Association blog and get 11 tips for becoming a better event organizer – no experience needed.

Things I Would Tell My Younger Self – CUCCOA blog – by Andrea Hennel, Chelsea Rule & Jennifer Brading of MRU Events & Conference Services

by Michael Poon

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