Proud Day for Cont Ed

Mount Royal University’s annual Employee Awards took place today in the Ross Glen Hall. We congratulate all of the faculty, instructors and staff who serve our community with distinction every day. It’s great to take a moment to recognize everyone’s contributions.

Receiving special recognition at todays ceremonies were:

Wendy McLeod with Distinguished Teaching Award winner Robert McCullagh
Wendy McLeod, Program Coordinator, with Distinguished Teaching Award winner Robert McCullagh
Tacita Lewars
Tacita Lewars, Distinguished Teaching Award winner
  • Neil Cockburn, Head of Organ Studies, Conservatory – Distinguished Teaching Award (credit-free)
  • Patti Frizzell, instructor in Early Childhood Music programs, Conservatory – Distinguished Teaching Award (credit-free)
  • Trish Blaker, Supervisor, Registration, Conservatory – Distinguished Staff Award
  • Green Team – Cont Ed’s volunteer environmental and social group – Effective Team Award
  • Tammy Cross, Lisa Tooes, Lynda Turner – 10 years of service
  • Craig Baskett – 15 years of service
  • Elizabeth Lensen – former Program Director, Business & Professional Education – retiree
  • Ab O’Neil – former Manager of Conservatory Support¬†– retiree

The excellence of the MRU learning experience is directly related to the dedication of the people who work here to student learning and support.¬†We couldn’t be more proud of you!

by Karen McCarthy

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