Leadership Student Has Passion for Learning

Jose Bellorin, Continuing Education student
Jose Bellorin, Continuing Education student

In Continuing Education, we’re always inspired by our students’ stories and achievements and decided to share them more widely.

When we were looking for Continuing Education students to featureĀ on our calendar covers, we asked instructors to recommend students who really stood out. Jose Bellorin’s name came up more than once.

That’s because Jose has taken several Continuing Education programs over the past two years and has established himself as an enthusiastic learner.

Jose moved to Calgary from Venezuela with his wife Natasha 15 years ago. He had gone to medical school and practiced for a few years in Venezuela before the move.

“Back then I decided I was probably not going to go back to school, it was going to take too long,” he says. He owned a gas station in Calgary for nine years and started a family.

But two years ago, the learning bug bit. “I decided to give it a try and improve myself. I started with the Leadership Development program. It was very interesting. The teachers and facilitators were great. It led me into a couple more certificates. From that one, I decided to take the Management program and in the meantime, I felt the need of doing the HR certificate as well, just for myself, and again one thing led to another. I started doing the Change Management and now I’m finishing the Supply Chain,” Jose says.

Jose works as a department manager and also with a business unit responsible for change management. “I definitely apply what I’m learning in my daily life, both personal and business. And right now the Change Management is helping a lot day to day with the issues we’re having.”

Despite his full-time job and busy family life, Jose loves coming to classes. “It’s been really hectic. But I enjoyed it so much and that’s why I decided to keep going.”

The Leadership Development program has been Jose’s favourite so far. “I heard really good things about the Leadership certificate. A couple of friends had taken it before and they recommended it. It helps you a lot on the professional side, but it also helps you on your personal side, so that is one that I always recommend. I keep telling everybody, you know what, you should try it.”

Hear more about Jose’s story.

Jose is featured on our Fall 2014 calendar cover.

by Karen McCarthy

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