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Jesse Messom - Bigfoot IndustrialHow do you measure success? For small business owner Jesse Messom, success means spending time with his family, running a profitable business and loving his job.
Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd., which installs and services industrial equipment, came to life after Messom decided he could run a successful millwright and industrial mechanic business on his own.

Messom had the skills, the market and the drive to launch his company. But after being in business for nearly four years, he wanted to adopt an educated perspective on his existing business strategy.

“I knew that there was a way I could hone my business skills and run my business more successfully,” says Messom. In spring 2014, Messom completed the Entrepreneurship Certificate of Completion through MRU Continuing Education.

Judy McMillan-Evans, one of Messom’s entrepreneurship instructors, explains that approximately 25 per cent of students who sign up for the program are already entrepreneurs, and want to know what they can do to be more successful.

“It is a practical program. The intent is for a student to really examine their own business plan,” says McMillan-Evans.

This is a lesson that Messom has applied to his business, and it has helped him change the way he looks at his role in the company.

Messom recommends the Entrepreneur program to anyone considering starting his or her own business. “Absolutely do it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain,” he suggests.

Messom says the most valuable thing he has learned at MRU is that “You have to find ways to work on your business, not in your business.” A self-described perfectionist, Messom is working towards offering more autonomy to his staff so that he can focus on the bigger picture.

McMillan-Evans believes Messom has found success because “He has a creative mind, he is focused and he has fortitude.” Bigfoot Industrial Services Ltd. is growing, and now Messom has the tools to prepare for the future.

For Messom, the best part of being an entrepreneur is “being the boss”. Messom is the first to acknowledge that being president of your own company means long hours, hard work and sacrifices. The benefit is that it is all within your control. His long days in the office are a reflection of his commitment to attaining success, and he knows the future of his company will benefit from his dedication.

Most importantly, Messom loves his job. Having a passion for your work is something Messom explains is pivotal to success. “If you want to start your own business, expect that you’re going to put in long hours. So whatever it is that you’re doing, make sure you enjoy doing it.”

— by Johanna Franconeri

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