What’s New for Winter 2015


The Winter semester, which starts in January 2015, will usher in some exciting new Continuing Education programs to help you build your career. There’s a suite of new certificates for administrative professionals, courses for healthy aging, and several new specialized business programs.

Administrative Professionals
You can choose the Administrative Assistant Extension Certificate, where you will learn all of the skills valued by employers in an administrative professional. Or focus on a specific skill set to enhance your existing administrative knowledge. You can also learn about the petroleum industry in addition to skills for the administrative professional.

Business and Management
Knowledge of social media, event planning and communications are highly valued in the job market, and we are introducing several new programs in this field.

If you’re a fan of Dr. Brené Brown, you will want to check out The Daring Way™ Wholehearted Living and Leadership Workshop based on her teachings.

If you’d like to help people and communities during and after disasters such as floods and forest fires, our new Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery program will teach you valuable skills.

Healthy Aging
We are pleased to introduce a set of new courses focused on all aspects of healthy aging to help retirees and those preparing for retirement to plan for the next stage of life.

Registration for these programs is now available. Check out all of our course offerings for Winter 2015 on the Continuing Education website.

— by Karen McCarthy
— photo by Michael Poon

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