Learn Something New This Year


A lot of New Year’s resolutions focus on self-improvement. Some of them are notoriously difficult to achieve and good intentions quickly fall by the wayside.

One relatively easy-to-keep resolution is to engage in lifelong learning. Taking a class can fit into even the busiest schedule.

There are many reasons to continue your education: to improve your workplace skills, to earn a credential or to prepare for a career change.

Those are common reasons to learn, easily measured by your professional results. But are you aware that numerous studies indicate that lifelong learning improves your:

  • confidence
  • creativity
  • self-esteem
  • adaptability to change
  • brain health
  • long-term cognitive ability
  • interpersonal skills

We would love to promise that it can also help you lose those last 5 pounds, but that’s a whole different New Year’s resolution.

Classes are starting soon — classroom, online, evening, weekend. Start looking for your learning opportunity on the Continuing Education website and happy learning in 2015!

Here are some other Calgary organizations that can help you keep a whole slew of New Year’s Resolutions, via Notable Calgary.

— by Karen McCarthy
— photo by Kevin Yee

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