Student Completes CAPPA Certificate in Record Time

(l-r)  Dale, Lavinia, Breanne and Brayden Wolkowski
Brayden on a family visit home to Saskatchewan. (l-r) Dale, Lavinia, Breanne and Brayden Wolkowski

Brayden Wolkowski completed the 244-hour CAPPA Certificate (Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accountants) in just 8 weeks this spring. He attributes this land speed record to mindful goal setting combined with previous experience in production accounting in the field and in an office setting.

Brayden, 22, is a University of Regina business student now working in Calgary at Newalta Corp., an energy services company.

He started the first course of the CAPPA program on April 14 and completed the fifth course on June 8. He took the program through independent study, completing course work on his own and arranging to write exams through MRU.

“I set a goal to be done by mid-June,” Brayden says. “I did, and finished with a 91 percent average.”

Students normally complete the program within a minimum of 2 semesters. They have up to 5 years to complete the 5 courses.

“Working with numbers just came naturally to me,” says Brayden. “I had experience as a field operator where I would gather numbers for the production accountants. That experience helped me understand that it’s not just a number, it’s a way to bring a concept into reality.”

Brayden discovered his interest in petroleum production accounting on the job. “My mentor got me excited to take the program,” he says. “She has 30 years of experience in the field. If I had questions about any of the courses I could discuss them with her.”

Brayden thrived in the program’s online environment. “The information was very self-explanatory,” he notes. “I liked the process and being able to work at my own pace.”

“The people in Continuing Education were extremely helpful. They were willing to accommodate me and set up a different exam schedule so I could complete the program quickly,” Brayden says.

“Brayden’s accomplishment is nothing short of amazing!” says MRU Oil and Gas Program Coordinator Diana Lundine. “He sprinted through the entire CAPPA program in less than 3 months and earned exceptional grades at each level — all of which was unprecedented. He’ll be holding onto this record for quite some time, I’m sure.”

In his spare time, Brayden enjoys playing sports and being active. He coaches volleyball with a Calgary club from December through May.

Brayden plans to continue working in Calgary and will complete his business degree. His family back home in Saskatchewan have been Brayden’s biggest fans. “Without the support of my family I would not even be in Alberta today,” he says.

— by Karen McCarthy

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