Through the Lens of Tracy Elliott


Mount Royal University Photography Instructor Tracy Elliott frames it nicely, “Anybody can take a picture.”  But, under his keen eye, students develop into professional photographers who not only understand the art of taking a great photo, but who can take a clients vision and bring it to life.

From photographic hobbyists to future professionals, Tracy believes, “It’s about the person you are.” From Portrait to Sports Photography, the photography classes at MRU Continuing Education are for all skill levels.

Where he gets the best feedback from his students is in the workshop classes where they’re out on location and shooting.   This is where, “Giving tips and seeing the shots get better is exciting,” for both Tracy and the budding shooters.

See the world differently though Tracy’s lens.  For more, click here.

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Longson

Supply Chain Extension Certificate Graduate2015_11_12_W16_CE_Blog_Kathleen

Kathleen is efficient.

“I am a team lead for supply chain services,” she notes. “I manage corporate services, professional services, ISIT, facilities, real estate, field logistics, aviation,” and more.

She likely manages these portfolios like she streamlined her class time at MRU; “I completed it in ten months.”

Having spent some of her career in the financial sector, she knew she needed to add more education to get ahead. “I wanted to move into procurement. So, that’s why I was interested in taking the classes at MRU.”

“The overviews were really good,” she advises. “They gave me a sense as to whether or not it was something I’d like to pursue.”

True to her supply chain management field, Kathleen knew what she wanted and certainly didn’t waste time getting it.

She enjoyed the classroom setting, choosing the face to face learning with her vibrant instructors, “Some were really, really good. Some were very animated,” she says.

Originally from the Phillipines, she notes that, “Networking is important,” and is still in touch with many of her classmates. Although she misses her family, friends and the tropical weather, Calgary’s home. She notices that there’s a, “greater sense of work-life balance here.”

…and she certainly balances a lot.


Meet Marko

Marko Cillic – PM Construction Student

2015_11_12_W16_CE_Blog_MarcoMarko is taking MRU’s Project Management Construction to move up in the world.

Originally from Bosnia, he started in the automotive industry, but war prompted him to immigrate to Canada in 1995 where he started working in construction.

He recognized that there was a ceiling on his experience as he has been in the “same position in that industry for the last ten years.” He was ready to upgrade at MRU.

What Marko noticed most about his courses is that, “everything in the field has a different language right now.” He plans to continue, “Picking up all the special terminology,” to combine with his field experience to become a foreman or a manager.

“I like to be in the classroom environment,” Marko admits, even though he had the option to take some of the courses online, “there’s positive feedback.” When asked about his instructors, he attests, “all of them are really good so far.”

A friend in the industry found out about the program and said, “Let’s do this.” Together they began their studies, but the friend received an offer in Edmonton leaving Marko to complete the program himself. “We started together,” he muses, “but didn’t end up together.”

Marko will complete his program at the end of April.

New for You at MRU








Winter 2016 Registration has begun at MRU Cont. Ed. and we have some brand new courses to enhance your experience.

What’s the path good leaders follow?

The Project Management Professional Development Seminars Certificate of Completion is always looking to train new leaders in any industry.  If you’re a leader, or on your way to becoming one, start by making the strong decision to take the new Best Practices in Project Management or Leadership, Decision Making for Project Managers courses.

Invest in your Community Education

Community Investment Professional Extension Certificate has two new courses, The Meaning and Purpose of Community Investment – a broad look at where this type of work fits into society, and The Community Sector Landscape: Building Effective Partnerships which draws a big-picture look at Canada’s nonprofits and their engagement.

Need to add a new dimension to your design work?

Interior Decorating is now offering an Advanced Digital Design in 3D for Interior Decorators course.  If you already know the basics of Sketch-Up, evolve your process to include some advanced plug-ins, animation and Google Earth context modeling.

Make Automotive Sales Automatic

Looking to improve your sales skills? Automotive Sales Certificate of Completion has a new learning vehicle.  In the Automotive Sales course, you’ll push your sales result into a higher gear.

Find the right course for you in the new MRU Continuing Education Course Calendar.  Pick up a copy on campus or find your new courses online at

Geek Speak For Laymen: Business Process Management


Rochelle de Guzman is used to new starts. She was a self-proclaimed, “Oil and gas brat,” whose father’s engineering career moved her from her birthplace in the Philippines to stints in Regina, New Brunswick and a decade in North Africa, before she came to Calgary in 1991. Following in her father’s footsteps, she worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for 8 years before she lost her position in 2014. That’s when she enrolled in the Business Process Management Program at Mount Royal University.

“The positions I’ve always held required me to implement processes… and that’s not my background whatsoever. My background is in economics.” De Guzman added. When the industry crunched its numbers, she began to take account of her specific skillset. In doing so, she realized, “I can take geek speak and (translate) into layman’s terms.”

“I love the ‘Sheldons’ of the industry,” she references the geeky lead character in the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, “… taking their knowledge and relating it to the person on the street.”

“A lot of the skills I have learned with the courses I’m taking with Business Process Management, I can transfer to any industry.” In fact, she admits that she not only applies what she’s learning in her professional life, but in aspects of her personal life as well. “Party planning. “Not only do I have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C… but I’ve got a D, E and F.”

There’s no doubt that de Guzman will persevere despite the recent economic hardship. She turned to education on her parents’ advice, “Knowledge is everything. Keep learning. It doesn’t’ matter if you get it in a formal setting or outside in the world. As long as you keep learning. It’s the most important thing.”

So, Rochelle de Guzman is celebrating another new start – and, as the laymen say, the party’s going to be epic.

Backstage at the Bella


We’ve all seen and heard many inspiring stories on a concert stage, but what inspiration goes into building the stage itself?

The Bella Concert Hall in the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts is the newly opened crown jewel of the MRU Conservatory.   Both aesthetically stunning and acoustically sound, Calgary’s newest concert hall is an artistic masterpiece.

Bill Murray is the visionary architect behind the scenes.  You can get some backstage insight into his design concept with inspirations drawn from the Alberta landscape, prairie symbols and origami.  Aspects of the hall’s interior and exterior structure were based on the concept of a prairie barn.

While pondering a visually pleasing yet acoustically versatile ceiling design, Murray explains, “It occurred to me, if we abstracted the Alberta Rose and made it out of wood, that it would be quite a wonderful element.”

The ‘barn’ was raised to much acclaim from audiences and performers alike in the Bella’s grand opening festival featuring the likes of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, featured soloists, several choral ensembles and pianist Yuja Wang.  Seeing and hearing the space upon completion, a satisfied Murray lauded, “It’s better than I ever imagined.”

We couldn’t agree more.

To hear Bill Murray, the Architect of the Bella Concert Hall talk about his design…“>click here.