Geek Speak For Laymen: Business Process Management


Rochelle de Guzman is used to new starts. She was a self-proclaimed, “Oil and gas brat,” whose father’s engineering career moved her from her birthplace in the Philippines to stints in Regina, New Brunswick and a decade in North Africa, before she came to Calgary in 1991. Following in her father’s footsteps, she worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for 8 years before she lost her position in 2014. That’s when she enrolled in the Business Process Management Program at Mount Royal University.

“The positions I’ve always held required me to implement processes… and that’s not my background whatsoever. My background is in economics.” De Guzman added. When the industry crunched its numbers, she began to take account of her specific skillset. In doing so, she realized, “I can take geek speak and (translate) into layman’s terms.”

“I love the ‘Sheldons’ of the industry,” she references the geeky lead character in the popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, “… taking their knowledge and relating it to the person on the street.”

“A lot of the skills I have learned with the courses I’m taking with Business Process Management, I can transfer to any industry.” In fact, she admits that she not only applies what she’s learning in her professional life, but in aspects of her personal life as well. “Party planning. “Not only do I have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C… but I’ve got a D, E and F.”

There’s no doubt that de Guzman will persevere despite the recent economic hardship. She turned to education on her parents’ advice, “Knowledge is everything. Keep learning. It doesn’t’ matter if you get it in a formal setting or outside in the world. As long as you keep learning. It’s the most important thing.”

So, Rochelle de Guzman is celebrating another new start – and, as the laymen say, the party’s going to be epic.

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