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Winter 2016 Registration has begun at MRU Cont. Ed. and we have some brand new courses to enhance your experience.

What’s the path good leaders follow?

The Project Management Professional Development Seminars Certificate of Completion is always looking to train new leaders in any industry.  If you’re a leader, or on your way to becoming one, start by making the strong decision to take the new Best Practices in Project Management or Leadership, Decision Making for Project Managers courses.

Invest in your Community Education

Community Investment Professional Extension Certificate has two new courses, The Meaning and Purpose of Community Investment – a broad look at where this type of work fits into society, and The Community Sector Landscape: Building Effective Partnerships which draws a big-picture look at Canada’s nonprofits and their engagement.

Need to add a new dimension to your design work?

Interior Decorating is now offering an Advanced Digital Design in 3D for Interior Decorators course.  If you already know the basics of Sketch-Up, evolve your process to include some advanced plug-ins, animation and Google Earth context modeling.

Make Automotive Sales Automatic

Looking to improve your sales skills? Automotive Sales Certificate of Completion has a new learning vehicle.  In the Automotive Sales course, you’ll push your sales result into a higher gear.

Find the right course for you in the new MRU Continuing Education Course Calendar.  Pick up a copy on campus or find your new courses online at

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