Meet Marko

Marko Cillic – PM Construction Student

2015_11_12_W16_CE_Blog_MarcoMarko is taking MRU’s Project Management Construction to move up in the world.

Originally from Bosnia, he started in the automotive industry, but war prompted him to immigrate to Canada in 1995 where he started working in construction.

He recognized that there was a ceiling on his experience as he has been in the “same position in that industry for the last ten years.” He was ready to upgrade at MRU.

What Marko noticed most about his courses is that, “everything in the field has a different language right now.” He plans to continue, “Picking up all the special terminology,” to combine with his field experience to become a foreman or a manager.

“I like to be in the classroom environment,” Marko admits, even though he had the option to take some of the courses online, “there’s positive feedback.” When asked about his instructors, he attests, “all of them are really good so far.”

A friend in the industry found out about the program and said, “Let’s do this.” Together they began their studies, but the friend received an offer in Edmonton leaving Marko to complete the program himself. “We started together,” he muses, “but didn’t end up together.”

Marko will complete his program at the end of April.

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