Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Longson

Supply Chain Extension Certificate Graduate2015_11_12_W16_CE_Blog_Kathleen

Kathleen is efficient.

“I am a team lead for supply chain services,” she notes. “I manage corporate services, professional services, ISIT, facilities, real estate, field logistics, aviation,” and more.

She likely manages these portfolios like she streamlined her class time at MRU; “I completed it in ten months.”

Having spent some of her career in the financial sector, she knew she needed to add more education to get ahead. “I wanted to move into procurement. So, that’s why I was interested in taking the classes at MRU.”

“The overviews were really good,” she advises. “They gave me a sense as to whether or not it was something I’d like to pursue.”

True to her supply chain management field, Kathleen knew what she wanted and certainly didn’t waste time getting it.

She enjoyed the classroom setting, choosing the face to face learning with her vibrant instructors, “Some were really, really good. Some were very animated,” she says.

Originally from the Phillipines, she notes that, “Networking is important,” and is still in touch with many of her classmates. Although she misses her family, friends and the tropical weather, Calgary’s home. She notices that there’s a, “greater sense of work-life balance here.”

…and she certainly balances a lot.


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