I Don’t Want to Sell You a Car

Young successful businessman offering a car key. Close-up of driver's hand showing key

I don’t want to sell you a car. I want to sell you the opportunity to learn how to sell cars yourself.

William Gourley is MRU Cont. Ed.’s Automotive Sales Course Instructor and he’s got the mileage to prove that his system works. “Automobiles are not so much wants as they are needs,” he opens with. Here is a man who realizes that our hometown, though steering in the right direction, is not known for it’s accessible and accommodating public transit. With urban sprawl and many inaccessible neighbourhoods, the majority of Calgarians are in a 1-2 car household.

The major reasons people buy cars is lifestyle change, “more kids, less kids, job changes, too much traveling, hard on gas, will not tow new trailer, new technologies and safety options,” are among them. That’s not to mention those who have, “had accidents, major component failures,” or those starry-eyed teens who’ve just been awarded their license to take on the open road. “Cars,” Gourley reminds us, “are needs.”

As a program, Automotive Sales at MRU still has that ‘new car smell’. “It’s an investment,” Gourley states, “not a liability. The top producing dealerships always have consistent training for their team.” With Gourley’s personal contact among dealerships within the industry, there’s likely to be a quick return on the investment for those who take the program.

In a time where job security is a worry, Gourley frames the industry, “In times of a flat economy there is an increased focus on purchasing a used car as opposed to a new one.” However he emphasizes, “even in a slumping economy, people will always need a new vehicle.”

Gourley advises that an enrolment in “late winter or early spring will give you the advantage of gaining experience and preparation for the lucrative spring and summer selling season.”

Automotive Sales is a recession-proof idea for the car-enthusiast on your holiday list.

Registration for our next course in February 2016 is open now. You’ve found the ride you need. The keys are in the ignition. Now, just turn the key and go.

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