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Sabrina Falconer

The Employee of the Month has been crowned at the Millrise Shoppers Drug Mart. Her name is Sabrina Falconer and she’s a student in MRU Continuing Education’s Transitional Vocational Program (or TVP) and she is, as her manager described, “a ray of sunshine.”

Pasquale Tumato is the Front Store Manager at the location, further describes the honouree, “She’s got an infectious personality.”

A committee that includes Tumato chooses the Employee of the Month title. “We solicit opinions from the staff,” he says, “whoever possesses the most attributes we’re looking for in that month gets it.” As to why, after a mere five months in this position, Falconer should be granted this title, Tumato explains, “She has an excellent attitude. Her customer service skills and the fact that she’s willing to do anything at any time… with her smile and outgoing personality.”

Along with bragging rights, Tumato mentions that she gets, “the public recognition, and that of the staff. She gets a letter from the association and a gift card as well.”

All of this is exciting for Falconer. She glows, “It made me feel amazing. I work so hard. Trying my hardest and becoming the Employee of the Month is, like… awesome!”

Her position has a variety of roles for her to explore. She notes, “I do stock. Put the order out onto the floor or in the back. Chips… I fill the chips and beverage carts.” All of her responsibilities seem to rely on her sunny disposition since they’re all client facing.

Her favourite part is, “Coming in to see the customers. I’m a big people person.”

Falconer ‘Checking out’ Shoppers’ work experience

The toughest challenge, she admits, “I’m learning cash. How to do the lottery.” This high-demand ticket checking and selling system is something that even Tumato admits to being stumped by. With her character-defining positivity, she adds, “But the best part about life are the challenges and learning.”

This is the first time Tumato has arranged a work placement with MRU’s TVP Program, and it won’t be his last. The experience has been wonderful. We’ve had a couple other programs that didn’t work as well. This one (MRU) has worked really well.”

To give credit where it’s due, “Sabrina is a huge part of the success, but the support she gets is huge.” Tumato states.

She has an equally sunny outlook on her program. “I would recommend it to others who have learning disabilities or to others who are having trouble getting into the workplace. “

Falconer values her association with Shoppers. She’s scheduled to be here until the end of March, but says, “I could extend the contract until I get hired, or might try another work experience (placement).” But for now, she knows, “I’m enjoying it a lot.”

-by JLove

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