Corporate Training’s New Math


Summit Together

How do we subtract and get the same results?

Let’s face it, corporate culture is a little rough right now in our hometown.  People are being laid-off, downsized, ‘released from their employer’ or whatever today’s politically correct term for ‘fired’ is. Organizations in several sectors are now challenged to fill the void left by these people, re-allocate resources to maintain and change their operating procedures to move forward.  How can they achieve the same results when so many of their resources have been subtracted?

“With the current economic climate, organizations need to be more productive, nimble and efficient than ever.” Says Joanne Leskow, Corporate Trainer at Mount Royal University Continuing Education. “All business outcomes are a direct result of the investment and calibre of people inside the business.”

So, if we can’t add more people, we can add value to the people that remain. “MRU Corporate Training programs reinforce good habits while exploring best practice and challenging learners to think differently.” Leskow explains.

From this place, leaders emerge. Leaders are those we turn to in this climate to provide a vision. That vision for most is merely an educated guess. MRU wants to provide the ‘educated’ part of that equation. “Leveraging a legacy of excellence,” Leskow confirms, “MRU’s Corporate Training has equipped Western Canadian businesses (and others around the globe) to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

For the corporate culture, it’s bigger picture multiplication. “Corporate Training provides team members an opportunity to come together from business units and geographic regions to better understand each other and personal contributions to their team/unit and business as a whole.” Leskow continues. “It’s essential that emerging and experienced leaders take the time to step away and evaluate their own performance, build strengths and plan future courses of action. MRU Corporate Training allows them to do that, and more,” she advises.

A key factor in this climate is being able to do exponentially more with less. “One of the essential elements of retention is providing people with opportunities to learn and grow professionally. The MRU Corporate Training courses provide a wide variety of courses to grow, challenge their thinking and habits while learning best practices.”

Success is equal to the vision provided by leaders and the work put behind that vision. “A combination of practical and technical knowledge helps to shape leaders and problem solvers who tackle issues and projects in fast-paced environments.” Leskow instructs. The leaders she teaches will be empowered to face anything as she promises to give the guidance they need to, “equip their people and business to not only meet, but to exceed the demands of the ever-changing business environment.”

So do more with less. Just add education and summit together.

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Teaching International Professors

FDP Lima 2016
Kathy Dawson teaching professors in Lima.

“There’s nothing better to remind you of how difficult it is to learn another language than to be placed in the same situation,” says Kathy Dawson, Program Administrator in Teacher Education for MRU’s Languages Institute. She lists a few of the challenges one must overcome, “struggling to communicate, watching yourself make mistakes, not being able to find the right word and struggling with your dictionary.”

These are certainly a traveler’s communication woes, but they’re happening more and more in the university classroom. Kathy recently returned from teaching a ten-day course at the Universidad del Pacífico in Lima, Perú. The course is called Teaching Content in English. It’s part of the Languages Institute’s Faculty Development Program, which is gaining international recognition.

Kathy explains the challenge of the group of 13 professors who, while normally fulfilling the teaching role, must become students. “They know their subject matter inside out,” she attests. “They have been challenged by globalization and their administration to now turn it all into English.”

“The course is very experiential.” Kathy notes, while acknowledging that many of these professionals haven’t taught in English. “There’s some trepidation about whether or not they can do it.” For those who have taught in English, the course has additional benefits, “There is a lot of modeling about how to incorporate active learning in a way that supports second language learners.” In either case, she discovered that, “If they’re nervous at the beginning, they’re much more confident by the end of the ten days.”

For the Universidad del Pacífico, a top economics and business administration university in Latin America, this hands-on approach works well. In an additional language, all of the participants welcome the chance to become learners again.

With this initiative’s continued success, the offering of their local courses in English might create an opportunity for more Mount Royal students to study in Perú. “We’re so privileged as English speakers.” Kathy identifies, “We get lazy. We are able to travel around the world and not have to speak another language.  The onus has been pushed on others to learn English.” Not one to shy away from learning, Kathy admits, “This reminds me that I shouldn’t feel more privileged.” She says, “I should pick up my Spanish books again.”

To that end, Kathy has already arranged for some Spanish classes for her next trip south.

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Massage Therapy Career Fair 2016

IMG_8046 These days, good news stories about employment in Calgary are hard to come by…unless you’re one of the many students or employers who attended this month’s MRU Massage Therapy Career Fair.

With graduation right around the corner, this annual event gives students the opportunity to find out what’s next. With over 30 employers in attendance at this year’s event, many of whom were looking to fill multiple positions, students were happy (and relieved!) to find out that what’s waiting for them on the other side is a new graduate’s dream.

For just one example of where their careers can go, students need only look to former MRU student Karla Bancroft as an example. Karla is the director of talent development for Massage Heights Canada. She says, “I am personally proud to be MRU massage alumni, I have loved working with the school and seeing how the relationship between Massage Heights and Mount Royal has grown.  The industry as a whole has evolved and grown immensely and it is very rewarding as both a former student and an employer to see how MRU has played a part in this.”

IMG_8050One of the reasons employers return every year is because they see value in the students’ training. Bancroft says, “Graduates from the MRU massage program have been enormous assets to our company. The quality of education and standards the graduates present in the workplace is very valuable to us as an employer.”

She describes the event, “The MRU job fair is a wonderful opportunity for Massage Heights to showcase the unique opportunity we offer massage therapy students, as well as graduates.  We love being a part of this annual event, and really enjoy the enthusiasm and professionalism that the Mount Royal massage therapy students exhibit.”

The Massage Therapy program is pleased to have a valued partner like Massage Heights who offers an annual total of $2,000 for scholarships and bursaries.IMG_8047

Thank you to all employers and associations who attended this year’s event:

Hyatt Regency Calgary

Oasis Wellness Center and Spa

Lasya Healing Centre

Optimum Wellness Centres

Momentum Health

Inspired Minds Wellness Centre

Leela Eco SpaIMG_8049

Soma Hammam and Spa

Prema Health

Massage Addict

The Centre Spa & Wellness

Sandpearl Mobile Spa

Strive Physiotherapy

Kinetic Performance Center

Fifth Avenue Club

Massage at the Club

Backstrong Heatlh Group

Mama Massage

Massage HeightsIMG_8048

LCP Health

Southridge Village Chiropracic Centre

Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Banff Springs

Essence Wellness Clinic

Apex Massage Therapy Ltd.

Urban Roots Wellness Centre

CBI Health Group

Landmark Collaborative Health

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Remedial Massage Therapists Association

Massage Therapist Association of Alberta

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