MRU and Alberta Job Grants: A Winning Combination

When Process Ecology Inc. needed corporate training for their employees; they came to MRU Continuing Education.

Process Ecology is a process engineering and emissions management company. “Basically,” HR Administrator Lindsay Baker describes, “we work with a variety of different companies to deal with benzene emissions.” Having designed and maintained their own measurement software (FlareAdvisor helps measure flaring, venting and greenhouse gas emissions for upstream oil and gas companies), it’s clear they’re a good judge of streamlined best practices and measurable results.

With a total of nine employees in their company, four of whom went through the training, any cost savings was a welcome option. Baker says, “we wanted some upscaling and upgrading of some essential skills needed in our workplace. Some employees have come to Canada having finished their studies and some need a refresher with their English skills.”

She decided to apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant to fund some customized language upgrading, presentation courses and resume-writing training, skills that needed to be honed to submit biographies and resumes to conferences and other presentation opportunities.

An MRU alumnus, Baker claimed the choice to go with MRU was easy. She was at the helm of the application process and was quick to sing its praises, “the needs assessment done by the MRU staff outlined the weaknesses and strengths of our systems.” Of the training itself, she says, “everyone here enjoyed the teaching methods. They worked their skills effectively and were able to apply the training immediately.”

The trainees’ reaction was similar. “It was very beneficial for the employees,” Baker says, “it’s made them more confident in themselves and in a presentation setting.”

The best part about the quality MRU training through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant to Baker was that, “Two thirds of all of our training costs were paid (by the grant)!” With these savings on exemplary courses, Process Ecology is already looking into further training through MRU Continuing Education.

Her reason is simple, “By making sure they feel comfortable, it makes them more confident in what they’re presenting, and in the company.

Lindsay has these three tips for anyone thinking of applying for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

  1. Read the 30 page document online. Everything you need to know is there. MRU Continuing Education makes it easy for you.
  2. Make sure you have EVERYTHING. Go through the document’s requests with a ‘fine toothed comb’.
  3. Choose a course or series of courses with a certification. In Lindsay’s case, preferably one that is industry and governmentally recognized.

Then, enjoy the savings!ce_sidebar_ab_job_grant

-by JLove