MRU Kids Steps Up Its Game

Kevin Gilbert (centre) with MRU Kids staff 2016

If summer camp teaches one thing, it’s ‘be prepared’.

Kevin Gilbert, MRU Kids’ Program Coordinator, models that strategic preparation.

“The website’s going live a month earlier so parents can plan their summer with the camps and dates.” He shares, “when registration goes live on February 21st, then they’ll have a plan.”

There’s a lot of planning that goes into the diverse offerings of fun and learning that MRU Kids gives campers each summer, and the programs are always changing.

Gilbert beams, “We have a new camp called Dynamic Gamers.” As he starts to spout out technical achievements the campers will explore like the science behind the trending video games for fans, it’s clear he’s passionate about this. “I’m looking forward to that camp as well,” he confesses.

Along with Dynamic Gaming, MRU Kids is introducing new sports-oriented camps. Gilbert concurs, “We have a new Junior Fieldtrip Camp for sports where we’re hoping to have a different (sports) venue every day,” he rolls into, “we have a new bike and play camp to teach bike and safety skills.”

A new cultural development, Gilbert and his team are working with the Iskim Centre this year. “We’re developing some exciting First Nations Programs. It’s amazing,” he claims of the valuable addition to MRU Kids’ experience, “the culture… the storytelling… it’s going to be great.”

Elementary campers (age 5-8), Junior campers (age 9-14) and Youth campers (14-17) will thrive with the myriad of options for their summer in some spectacular on and off campus facilities.

The older campers have a chance to explore some higher-level programs like Entrepreneurship Camp and Junior Leadership Camp where campers are taught to be leaders in the community.

Gilbert adds a sidebar, “We also call it ‘Counsellors-In-Training’. The program has been around for 2 years now and last summer, we hired 3 previous Junior Leadership students as summer counsellors.”

Returning campers will also recognize established favourites like Conoco Phillips Camps for Science, always a popular choice.

In collaboration with MRU Conservatory, MRU Kids will run a 6-week Music Makers Camp for 5-8 year olds. “It teaches different musical genres and instruments.” Gilbert notes.

Preparations are still in the works for many of the finer details. Gilbert says, “We’re hoping to have an Open House at the MRU Kids office in June where you can come visit, see the office and ask questions.”

Until then, if you have questions, check the newly launched website.

So this summer, be prepared for adventure with MRU Kids!

-JLove (Summer Camp Enthusiast)

Happy Campers

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