Real Time Supply Chain




Smart phones.


These are the first things to come to mind when Dr. Brian Fleming, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management at the Bissett School of Business, Mount Royal University is asked about how the industry is changing.

When it comes to streamlining the delivery of products from production to distribution, these innovations are game-changers. Fleming, a veteran in the industry, recounts that, “Fax was the expediter. Back then 6 or 7 days for snail mail was appropriate. But in today’s world, you get text messaging and apps that enable sales people to get into factories to check inventory and determine production schedules in real time.”

Regardless of the timeline, Fleming recognizes that, “The concepts behind Supply Chain Management are fundamentally the same.”  It’s finding the most efficient way of getting things from production to consumption. But, with a change in technology comes a new demand for the players.

From the clients’ perspective, “In today’s world, you can order one item.” With lot sizes of one, suppliers have been forced to look at things differently. “Everyone used to want zero inventory,” Recalls Fleming, “But that’s not the case now.”

As a sign of the times, MRU has been able to offer some flexibility to Supply Chain Management students. “By taking our 9 Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) courses online with our agreement between Mount Royal University Continuing Education and the Bissett School of Business, our BBA students can now be working on a co-op position and still move forward.”

Thus expediting the time it takes to go from A to B.

“Supply Chain fits into any industry.” Fleming instructs. “Oil is the big dog in Alberta. It pays well. But, I can work for Calgary Food Bank, YWCA, transportation, warehousing…” his list goes on.

As for opportunity, he suggests that with flexible online course offerings, students these days are getting a global reach, “One student in Brazil has completed two courses, while another working with Volkswagon in Germany has completed a course.”  He continues proudly, “Two other students are working in Kamloops in the mining industry and a varsity hockey student will be graduating the BBA through the online components.”

Supply Chain Management is becoming an increasingly important and rewarding part of many organizations. Trained and qualified people are needed to research, develop and execute the next innovative efficiencies. According to Fleming, he forecasts that the future is not far off, “Amazon is currently testing drones for deliveries.”

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What Students Ask Us About

Eleanor and Kathy are here to help.
Eleanor and Kathy are here to help.

Ah, September. There’s a hint of autumn in the air, a sense of new beginnings. Many adults have caught the back-to-school bug and are registered to take continuing education classes.

Our friendly Reception staff, Eleanor and Kathy, share the most common questions they field at the front desk.

Q. How do I find my classroom?

A. Kind of important to know for your first class! Your classroom location (and other info you need for your first class) is on your Confirmation of Registration letter or Student Schedule/Bill. If you register by phone, it will be mailed to you if there is sufficient time before your first class. If you register online, you should print your Student Schedule/Bill once your payment has gone through. No receipt or confirmation e-mail is sent by the online system.

You can also find this information at any time via MyMRU. Log in – you’ll have to set up your account the first time – click on the Student Resources tab, go to the Student Online Resources box at the top left and click on Registration. Then click on Student Schedule/Bill and follow the prompts.

The receptionist on the main floor or the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning can also direct you if your class is in that building, as many Continuing Education classes are.

Unfortunately Eleanor and Kathy can’t give you this info over the phone due to privacy regulations.

Q. Where can I park? Can I buy a permit instead of daily tickets?

A. Here’s a parking map. Check the Parking website for up-to-date parking information. Here’s info on evening/weekend permits ($25 per month).

Q. I’m registered in a course but it’s not showing on the Blackboard course site and/or I don’t see my materials.

A. Courses/materials are usually uploaded to Blackboard a few days to a week before the course start date in order to ensure that the most up-to-date information is available.

You will be sent a welcome e-mail when the course is available on Blackboard. Here’s some info on getting started.

Q. I need to buy textbooks but I don’t want to make a special trip. Can I buy them the day of my class?

A. You can order your materials through the BookStore online. If you prefer to shop in person, here are the BookStore hours. They usually have rush hours at the beginning of the semester.

Q. I need to get hold of my instructor but they’re not responding.

A. Make sure you are using your instructor’s preferred contact method. If you don’t hear from them, contact your Program Assistant or Student Program Liaison – their contact info is included in your Registration Confirmation letter / Student Schedule/Bill. You can also contact Eleanor and Kathy and they will make sure you get to the correct person. Call 403.440.6875 during office hours or e-mail

Q. How do I receive my certificate?

A. When you’ve completed all your course requirements (congratulations!) fill out an application form to receive the appropriate credential. You can send the completed form by mail, fax, e-mail or in person. More info here.

More questions and answers are on our FAQ web page.
Here’s a Welcome Guide specifically for Continuing Education.

Got a question that hasn’t been answered? Leave it in the comment section.

by Karen McCarthy with files from Eleanor Leach & Kathy Chyla