Mentor Guidelines


EAL Nursing Group, a support group managed by students for students is meant to help new nursing students to adapt into the MRU Nursing culture. Regardless of whether one is a volunteer or seeking for help, there are expectations and limitation where all students are to be aware of.

The principles of collaborative partnership act as a guide in the support group to help student fulfill their roles respectively. Congruently, it also shows that nursing knowledge can not only be applied within the industry but also in different aspects of life.

Sharing Power

–  Although every student plays a different role, we all have one motive – to enhance our experience in MRU Nursing; making it more exciting and meaningful by using our unique strengths and quality.

–  Senior students helping in administration, mentoring and experience sharing to help manage the group as well as provide help different aspects of the English language.

–  New students, on the other hand, have their own set of power too. Contributing towards the diversity of the group, pointing out areas which attention is necessary as well as giving feedback about the program are essential for future improvements (Help us to help you better!).

Being Open and Respectful

–  In nursing, everyone has different schedule. Hence, plan ahead and make meetings productive is important. We each have our own assignments and due dates. Appreciate and value other’s time. Never request for last minute tasks from each other.

–  Discuss with each other and set a mutually agreed set of rules and methods that works for both mentor and peer throughout the program.

–  In order to maximize our learning experience, we need to be open towards different ideas. We may not agree entirely on new opinions, but we have to always bear in mind that everyone sees things from a different angle. The diversity and uniqueness of each idea is what contributes towards a better outcome on the task on hand as well as act as an opportunity for self-improvement.

–  In order to create a supportive environment, students must not start unhealthy practices such as gossiping and complaining extensively behind one’s back. If there are problems that surfaced, it is encouraged that it is brought up openly in meetings through a respectful manner. If students are more comfortable to speak in private, our mentor is always available

–  Be ready to work in groups!

Being non-judgemental and accepting

–  All of us came from different backgrounds. Therefore, be respectful to other’s culture, language and be open minded could lead towards the development of an essential set of skills in working in Canada’s multicultural environment.

–  We are all unique with different sets of values and beliefs. Hence, open discussions in sharing experiences give us the opportunity to widen our horizon in regards to the cultures of the world.

–  Due to different race and ethnics, all of us have different appearance. This is where the proverb ‘never judge a book by its cover’ comes in. Happenings around the world that involve different races and ethnic groups be it good or bad do not define who we are. Therefore, get to know others before deciding what kind of person they are.

Living with ambiguity

–  What we think is right may not be the best solution all the time. Whenever we are in doubt, ask the question in meetings. Most probably, you are not alone. Remember, we are all here to support each other.

–  Other students are to express their ideas or answers with sincerity to help and respect. There is no such thing as stupid question.

Being self-aware and reflective

–  Throughout our journey in EAL Nursing Students Support Group, it is an objective that we emerge as a better person from when we first arrived. In order to encourage self-improvement, we have to reflect in every clinical. Same principle applies in this support group. Everything that we say or do have impact on others to a certain extent. Therefore if, a mistake was made, it is important to be aware of it and ensure that it won’t be repeated. Be responsible and do not blame others.

–  Students can also share their past experience with others as a head up of what lies ahead for them.

–  Being aware of our own limitations is also important to ensure that the group meets it purpose constantly. Never take on tasks that we cannot accomplish. It is beneficial to not cause additional stress to one person as well as give others a chance.


Conclusively, with discipline, time management and other essential skills that we have established or will learn throughout the program will guide us towards being a better person both in nursing and in life. MRU ESL Nursing group is a place where experiences are shared and memories are created. Have fun and all the best.