Offended by Offence

New Directions in Aboriginal Policy Forums

New Directions in Aboriginal Policy 2011 – call for presentations

Response to Jim Windle Allegations – Mark Vandermaas

New Directions in Aboriginal Policy 2010 – Final Program and Abstracts

The Kindly Inquisition Influencing Aboriginal Policy Formulation2 – Widdowson 2010

Ganigonhi:oh: The good mind meets the academy – Newhouse

The good life and the good mind – Frances Widdowson PowerPoint Slides

Path not easy for native youth – Don Sandberg

Corruption infects the councils – Don Sandberg

Residential school money pit – Don Sandberg

Caledonia’s National Voice – Gary McHale

Beyond the Indian Act – Flanagan et al

New Directions Presentation – Albert Howard – 2010

Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry – Book Jacket

Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry – order form

Power without Law – Alex M. Cameron

The Tragedy of Progress Review – Ron Bourgeault

Riel and the Rebellion Review – Ron Bourgeault

A voluntary plan for relocating non-viable native reserves – Joseph Quesnel 

Transformations in Australian Indigenous Education – Joe Lane

Reflections on the New Directions in Aboriginal Policy Forum – Kate Milley

Hidden in Plain Sight – David Newhouse

Natives are Victims of Two Tier Justice – Mark Vandermaas

New Directions in Aboriginal Policy 2009 – Last Year’s Final Program combined

Opening Remarks – New Directions in Aboriginal Policy Forum – 2009

Aboriginalism and the problems of Indigenous Archaeology – Robert McGhee

FCPP Governance Study – 2006

6 thoughts on “New Directions in Aboriginal Policy Forums

  1. I am a resident of Caledonia. I back onto the land that was stolen by Natives. I have been witness to, and part of many demonstrations against the OPP and Native criminal element. I have had several friends arrested for protesting against these ongoing, largest crimes in modern Canadian history. They dared carry Canadian Flags near the crime site. I am a second class citizen in my own country. The Charter does not apply to me. Our institutions who’s root of existence is to protect democracy have sided with the crimes I witness daily. These are: Town Council, OPP, Federal and Provincial MP’s, and most disheartening of all , The Media. Without a media that informs the public of this assault on basic freedoms and our institutions, the outcome is predictable. You are obviousely aware of the University of Ottawa’s censorship efforts of Ann Coulter. The chilling of open thought begins in schools. Sincerely, defeated citizen.

  2. To Mark: you forgot to acknowledge a simple but dangerous truth: kanata is a settler country; that is, European descendants on non-European land. Ignoring this premise erases any historic view of the land you are standing on; or in other words, you are failing to acknowledge or openly engage the context, namely the historic struggles that surround you. How is it possible that original-indigenous “Natives” – Mohawks – can steal land (from colonial occupiers?) that always belonged to their community? If you are sincere, learn the history of your place.

    Generally, the reason why people may not join your cause may be to simply step away from inciting hate, in both speech and action.

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