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Melanie Peacock, Associate Professor, taking part in pilot project for Discovery Snapshots

In addition to being an award winning instructor here at Bissett School of Business, Associate Professor, Melanie Peacock, continues to add her expertise to engage and promote research projects here at Mount Royal University.

Melanie most recently took part in a pilot project for Discovery Snapshots to promote research and work for MRU Scholars. Her most recent research is Exploration of Interpersonal Relationship Development: Finding the key to the student engagement in blended delivery courses. To read more, please follow the link:

Melanie is also a frequently requested commentator for a variety of media outlets:

2016, January 4, on NewsTalk 770: Corus Entertainment, by Kenyon, B. Age discrimination in recruitment?


2015, December 31. In Canadian Press, by Henderson. P. Workplace trends in 2016.

2015, December 30, on Global Morning News: Global, by Fee, S. Goal setting strategies.


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2015, December 7, on Alberta@Noon:  CBC, by McElligott D. The demise of performance appraisals.