MRU Institute for SoTL

Preliminary meeting – SoTL Reading Group

In an effort to further strengthen our community of SoTL at MRU, I invite you to participate in a SoTL reading group.

The (vaguely defined – subject to your input) vision for these scholarly meetings is to bring together people engaged in SoTL to talk about recent and/or important contributions to the field.

Our first organizational meeting will take place on December 6th 2016 at 12:30pm in EA3003 (the “Knuckle”). We will discuss the format and schedule of future discussions (to be held in 2017).
Margy has offered to bring dessert-y treats!

Please feel free to circulate this email and invite others. The present email list was compiled from the list of past and present Nexen and TransCanada scholars, supplemented with other people we knew to be engaged in SoTL. Please let me know if you never want to hear about this again!


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