MRU Institute for SoTL

Third meeting of the SoTL journal club..

Sally Haney will be presenting our next paper:
Knudsen, S. (2014). Students are doing it for themselves – ‘the problem-oriented problem’ in academic writing in the humanities. Studies in Higher Education, 39(10), 1838-1859. doi:10.1080/03075079.2013.806455

Here’s a finely-crafted link to the paper:

From Sally:
“I invite the group to reading this article about the problem with problems. In it, the author makes an interesting argument about the lack of scaffolding many educators provide when asking students to contemplate a problem in the problem-based learning paradigm. For discussion, I would ask participants to come to the table with some thoughts about how problems are discussed/framed/scaffolded in their disciplines, and what, if anything, they might do differently as a result of this particular reading.”

Fri Feb 3, 2017 12pm – 1pm Mountain Time – Edmonton



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