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Fifth meeting of the SoTL Journal Club

Our reading group last met on Feb 15th (just before the reading week), and we had a great discussion led by Melanie Rathburn. Thanks Melanie!
Ana Colina will be presenting our next paper on March 10th at noon (note the time change relative to the previously-distributed schedule):
Beck, C., Butler, A., & da Silva, K. B. (2014). Promoting inquiry-based teaching in laboratory courses: are we meeting the grade? CBE-Life Sciences Education13(3), 444-452.
As usual, we will be meeting in the Faculty Centre meeting room #1.
Here’s a finely-crafted link (that should even work off-campus) to the paper
Full SoTL Reading Group W17 Schedule:
Jan 9th, 3:30pm (Presenter: Jon Mee)
Jan 20th, 12:00pm (Presenter: Margy MacMillan)
Feb 3rd, 12:00pm (Presenter: Sally Haney)
Feb 15th, 11:00am (Presenter: Melanie Rathburn)
March 10th, 12:00pm (Presenter: Ana Colina)
March 23rd, 11:00am (Co-presenters: Margot Underwood and Stephanie Zettel)
April 4th, 11:30am (Presenter: Michelle Yeo)

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