MRU Institute for SoTL

6th meeting of the SoTL Journal club

Hello people who are interested in discussion of SoTL (and related) research!

Margot Underwood and Stephanie Zettel will be presenting our next paper on March 23rd at 11am:
Miller-Young, J., Dean, Y., Rathburn, M., Pettit, J., Underwood, M., Gleeson, J., Lexier, R., Calvert, V. and Clayton, P. (2015). Decoding ourselves: an inquiry into faculty learning about reciprocity in service-learning. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 22(1): 32-47.
Here’s a finely-crafted link (that should even work off-campus) to the paper
Full SoTL Reading Group W17 Schedule:
Jan 9th, 3:30pm (Presenter: Jon Mee)
Jan 20th, 12:00pm (Presenter: Margy MacMillan)
Feb 3rd, 12:00pm (Presenter: Sally Haney)
Feb 15th, 11:00am (Presenter: Melanie Rathburn)
March 10th, 12:00pm (Presenter: Ana Colina)
March 23rd, 11:00am (Co-presenters: Margot Underwood and Stephanie Zettel)
April 4th, 11:30am (Presenter: Michelle Yeo)

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