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New Tech Support Scam – 11/07/16


The latest tech support scam pushes malicious code through a compromised webpage ad. When you visit a site instead of seeing a regular ad, you get a large pop that appears to be from Microsoft warning you that your system has been infected and asking you to call tech support to resolve the issue. No matter how your try you cannot get rid of the pop up.  The malicious code uses up all your computer resources freezing your computer.

The pop up looks just like it comes from Microsoft…how do you know for sure that it is a scam and not a legitimate warning from Microsoft? There are several tells that indicate this is not a legitimate warning:

  1. Anti-virus/malware warnings do not appear from within a web page or browser.
  2. Microsoft does not send  warnings of systems being infected.
  3. Legitimate anti-virus/malware warnings from your anti-virus software do not ask you to call tech support.
  4. You cannot get rid of the pop up.

If you encounter this annoying scam, what do you do? The good news is all the code is doing is using up computer resources, it isn’t actually harming your computer. To get rid of the pop up and free up your computer, just launch your Task Manager and shut down the browser. If you cannot launch the Task Manager, turn the computer off.  Whatever you do, do not call the tech support number. They are scammers and will simply rob you of hundreds of dollars.