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Increase the security of your Google account with two step verification – 02/08/17


It seems like every day, we hear about a new security breach. Yahoo, Adobe, Ashley Madison;  all breached leaving their account holders feeling violated and wondering if their data or identify are safe. To make matters worse these breaches are often not identified until months or years after the attack, giving criminals plenty of time to capitalize on the stolen information. Even if you have a strong password, it cannot protect you if your account provider has its user’s login credentials stolen.

As mentioned in a previous post,  many account providers are now offering two step verification. How does it work? You set up the service by giving them your cell phone number. The next time you login you are asked for your password and then an verification code that is texted to your phone. Worried about losing your phone? You can print off backup codes or give them an alternative cell phone number.

Once two step verification is enabled, if a cyber criminal tries to login to your account you will receive a text with an verification code. Not only does it keep the criminal from logging in to your account, it also alerts you that your login credentials have been compromised and that you need to change your password.

ITS highly recommends that you enable two step verification on all your accounts that offer it, especially on your Google account.  If you are a user who has access to sensitive data or admin access, our recommendation is even stronger.  To make it as easy as possible to enable it, we have created a lovely step by step document that gives clear instructions. We also encourage you to call the Service Desk if you wish to enable it but are uncomfortable doing it on your own.