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Help!! I can’t get into my Gmail account – 03/30/2017

You begin your day like any other, logging into your computer and then logging into your Gmail to check the day’s messages.  But this morning is different. For some reason your password isn’t working. You are certain that you are entering the correct password. You have checked to see if Caps Lock is on and still you can’t get in.  What do you do?

Your first step is to call the Service Desk. There is a very big possibility that your Gmail account has been compromised. Especially if you use your Gmail username and password combination to login to other accounts.

Once the Service Desk has reset your password and you can get into your account, you need to check your settings. As mentioned in a previous post, once cyber criminals break into your account they like to change its settings so they can regain control of it once you get wise. By checking your account settings, you can make sure your signature hasn’t been changed, that your name appears in the Sent field, that your mail isn’t being forwarded to the criminal and they haven’t given themselves additional access to your account.

Want to decrease the chance that your account will be compromised in the future? Enable two step verification on your account and don’t use your Gmail password for other accounts.