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Las Vegas Victims Charity Scam – 10/12/17

Just like clockwork, the scammers have surfaced to take advantage of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas. The have created fake gofundme pages, fake facebook pages and fake charity sites all designed to tug on your heart strings and take your money. They are enticing you to visit these fake sites by sending texts and emails encouraging you to donate and help out the unfortunate victims.

At the very best clicking one of these links or visiting one of these websites will result in the donation going to the scammer. At the worst, your financial information can be compromised or malware can be loaded onto your computer.

If you wish to donate, be careful of the sites you visit. Use a google search or bookmark to find your favorite charity.  Ignore facebook posts, texts and emails asking you to donate as they could be set up by scammers.

Want to donate, but you aren’t sure who is legitimate? Visit This free website will let you know if a charity is legitimate or a scam.  By being aware, you can make sure your money goes to the victims and not the criminals.