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Ransomware Hidden in Scanned Document Attachments – 11/29/17

Please note: This post has was updated on 11/30/17!

Over 2 million malicious emails per hour are being sent out worldwide. The emails have the subject lines:

  • Scanned from Lexmark
  • Scanned from HP
  • Scanned from Canon
  • Scanned from Epson

They appear to come from a printer or copier and contain an attachment that appears to be a scanned document. The attachment has the extension .7z. Opening it loads a new strain of ransomware onto your computer.

If you receive an email that appears to come from a copier or printer and you haven’t recently scanned a document, report the email as phishing to Google. If you have scanned a document:

  1. Check the sender, it should say me.
  2. Check the email address, it should be yours.

If the email is not from you and does not have your email address, report it as phishing to Google.