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The Cyber Security Challenge is a Go!! – 10/01/18



It’s October!!  The Cyber Security Challenge begins today!!  For the next 30 days, Mount Royal employees will be attending events, completing training, visiting websites and reading cyber security resources to find the contest entry codes.  Each code is one entry into a draw for a $250 Best Buy gift certificate courtesy of Cisco Systems Limited.  One lucky person will take home the gift certificate while one hard working team will be awarded the Golden Superhero Award!

You can earn contest entry codes by:

  • Reading the IT Security Newsletter every week
  • Attending the Cyber Safety Summit (one code for each talk)
  • Attending the screening of the Cyberwar Threat
  • Participating in Hack the Box
  • Reading the Cyber Security Survival Guide
  • Visiting the General Security Tips page on
  • Completing online Security Awareness Training (checkout the updated content)
  • Attending a Security Awareness Workshop (we have 30 min mini-workshops too)

To make things even more fun, the Cyber Security Challenge Leaderboard will be updated by 10:00 am each day with the previous days totals.  Check the leaderboard daily to see how your team is doing.  Not sure which is your team? Check out the Team List.

The contest closes at 4:00 pm on Oct 30.  The draw for the gift certificate will be on Oct 31 at 11:00 am.  The gift certificate winner and the winning team will be contacted by phone and will have their pictures posted on the IT Security Website.

May the most competitive team win!!



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