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Hack the box results – 10/25/18



Today was the final day for the Hack the Box escape room type activity.  We had four teams compete in total.  In the end we had two faculty teams, one employee team and one student team take up the challenge.  HPHED blew away the competition finishing up in just under 20 minutes.  HR came in second at 26 minutes, third was the Faculty of Science and Technology and our wonderful students came in last at 30 minutes.

Good fun was had by all.  All participants walked away with pens and charging cables from the good folks at Lenovo.  Employees also snagged a contest entry code for the Cyber Security Challenge.

Interestingly, HPHED was quite concerned about the leaderboard and their showing on it.  They are rather keen to remedy the situation.  Facilities management, I would keep an eye on that leaderboard, we may see some changes in the last few days of the Challenge.

Just a reminder that you have until Oct 30 at 4:00 pm to enter in your codes.  Tomorrow the last of the newsletter codes will go out.  If you have missed previous ones, scroll through the articles on the newsletter website to find them.  The Cyberwar Threat, Cyber Safety Survival Guide and the General Security Tips webpage can still be mined for contest entry codes.  Check the Cyber Security Challenge webpage for details.


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