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Sextortion attacks become more sinister – 12/10/18



By now most of you will have received or at least heard of the sextortion email scam which threatens to out you for being naughty if you don’t pay up.  This scam was relatively harmless as it was all a bluff and no malicious links were included in the email.

However, the creative criminals have now upped the ante and are using phishing emails containing  a link to a video they claim is evidence of your naughtiness. Clicking on that link loads a zip file containing malware onto your machine.  You are okay as long as you don’t run the files. If you do, you are rewarded with ransomware being installed onto your machine.  Ouch!

Although this scam now includes phishing emails, you can still avoid a surprise even nastier than the video they claim to have of you. When an email makes you panic, someone might be baiting you, stop and think before you click.


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