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Must Read – Check the email address before responding to an email – 02/06/19




Once again Mount Royal inboxes are receiving emails from scammers impersonating Mount Royal employees.  The email appears to come from a colleague and asks if the recipient is available. If the recipient responds, the scammer then asks for gift cards.

These emails are easy to identify as the email address is not a Mount Royal email address. Thing is, people are in such a rush these days they don’t bother checking it. They see the name of their colleague and respond.

While responding to the scammer is not necessarily risky, it does encourage them. They now know that you don’t check email addresses. Next time they may be a bit more clever and include a malicious link or attachment.

When reading any email, the first place your eyes should go is to the email address. If it doesn’t match the sender’s name, delete the sucker immediately. You don’t even have to read it.  It is easy, it saves you time and it will make your IT department very very happy.


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