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Another variation of the MRU imposter phishing email – 04/02/19

Once again miscreants are trying to catch our employees off guard by hitting them with a phishing email that appears to come from a fellow Mount Royal employee.  Fortunately for us, our employee identified the odd email address and stopped the attack cold.

The clever criminals added some distracting details to try and trip up their intended victim.  They added a Re: to the subject line plus a fake time and date stamp to make it look like the email was a reply to a previously read email. They know we tend to trust email replies and they bet that the odd email address wouldn’t be noticed. They were wrong.

Our superhero employee saved the day by forwarding this bad boy to us instead of clicking on the nasty link.  Keep a look out for this one.



If it shows up in your inbox, be a superhero and forward it to


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