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Show off your cybersecurity prowess with digital stickers – 05/26/20



With everyone working from home, our popular sticker program no longer worked. However, we have come up with a terrific replacement…digital stickers!

Just like before you can earn the stickers by reporting phishing emails. However you can also download them from the MRU Cybersecurity Hub. Instead of putting them on your electronic devices, we are asking people to add them to the end of their email signatures.  Everytime you send out an email, the recipient will get a nice reminder of how to stay cybersafe.

As before, you can still earn contest entry codes for the Cybersecurity Challenge. However instead of sending me a picture of your sticker, just send me an email requesting a code with the sticker in the signature.

Every quarter there will be a new sticker and a new code! Happy collecting!!


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