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It is survey time! Participate and win a $50 gift certificate! – 12/06/21


It is that time of the year when we look back at last year’s program and figure out what worked, what didn’t and where we can improve. To help us determine if we are on the right track, we need your help.  Please take 5 min to complete our survey.  To ensure that we are learning about what people are doing on campus rather than what they know they should be doing, the survey is anonymous. You can freely admit your sins safe in the knowledge we will never know who you are. Your honestly will help us determine the direction of our program next year. You can take the survey here.

6 thoughts on “It is survey time! Participate and win a $50 gift certificate! – 12/06/21

  1. Ouch! You are not alone. I have done presentations where I have done a similar thing. You feel like such an idiot. However, we are human and it happens. Kudos to you for remedying the situation quickly and adverting disaster. I am sure those few students who caught it were thinking it was their lucky day. LOL.

  2. I accidentally typed my password into the user field when logging into blackboard with the projector on in a class with 5 students. Maybe 2 or 3 were looking up. I quickly deleted it and changed the password. Students getting hold of a professor’s blackboard password could be pretty bad.

  3. Dear Jason,

    Thank you for your honestly. We all mess up at one time or another. Then we dust ourselves off and do better the next time. If that is the worst of it, you are doing well. Give yourself a pat on the back. I am delighted to hear that your wits are about. They will serve you well.

  4. Dear Rob,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. We do try. You are correct, giving out your phone number can be a privacy issue. In fact, Facebook admitted to using 2FA phone numbers to target ads. That is why we recommend using the Google prompt or an authentication key as your second factor rather than a SMS or phone call for a Google account. Unfortunately not all account providers have that option. As for the survey, I am thrilled that you have obtained a security based mind set and are thinking twice.

  5. I logged in to my Google account on a library computer (apparently the printer network was acting up) so I could use their slaved printer, and forgot to log out.
    That’s about the worst of it, I try to keep my wits about me…

  6. I think what you guys are doing down in ITS is really impressive. The training system you use is interesting and valuable.

    I have one insignificant question that you might address in your next newsletter:

    I am concerned about giving my private Cell number to Google for MFA … is it possible that someone could use it for nefarious purposes – or even just connect it to my growing information file that makes my privacy vulnerable? Actually, after all your training, I’m even thinking twice about filling in this survey 🙂

    Keep up the good work

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