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Did you know…?

The Library added 15,000 items to our collection last year.  This brought our total to almost 200,000 items!  The Library is actively building its collection and adding new items all the time.  This year we will spend over a million dollars on our collection!

The Learning Consultant is Back

Beginning October 20th, a Learning Consultant will be available in the Library on Mondays from 3:30 to 5:00 pm in the grey room.

The Learning Consultant can spend up to 15 minutes with students, working on one or two of the following:

  • answering questions about documentation of a paper
  • clarifying the assignment
  • outlining the paper
  • brainstorming a topic
  • clarifying the thesis
  • giving feedback on a short section of a paper
  • answering a few specific questions about sentence structure, punctuation and spelling
  • answering specific questions about study skills

Service is provided on a drop-in basis. If you require more than 15 minutes, please book an appointment with the Learning Skills Centre (403)440-6525.

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What's going on with the printers?

Some of the very helpful folks in Mount Royal are building us a new shelf for the printers.  No longer will we all (or at least those under 6 feet tall) have to stand on a stool to retrieve print outs.

Any service interuptions will be brief and timed to coincide with less busy times in the library.

Thanks for your patience!