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Student Feedback – Noise


I’m concerned about the level of noise in the library. It seems that the only quite time are from 8am until 10am and from 6pm to 10pm. I (as well as many other students, I’m sure) find it very distracting to study. There are not very many places on campus to study and this one, very unfortunately, is extremely noisy. I think it would be more productive is those that wanted to talk did NOT sit in the libary disturbing others. There are more places to talk on campus than to study and those people should respect those that want to study. – Candice


Thank you for sharing your concerns relating to noise control in the Library. Balancing the demands for quiet study space and collaborative/conversational space in our very limited, very crowded space is an ongoing challenge in the Library.

We work hard in the Library to create a welcoming and respectful library environment that supports the needs of all learners. These needs vary dramatically, as I am sure you can appreciate, and balancing them is a challenge.  Many students complain about how noisy the library is, while others share a desire to have a place for group work/conversation. We encourage students to consider the needs of other library users.  Students are welcome to converse in a fashion that does not disrupt other library users.  However, if you are being disturbed by excessive noise from a nearby table or carrel, please feel free to let that person know he/she is disturbing you. You are also welcome to talk to someone at a service desk and we will be happy to address the situation.  Meanwhile, we also encourage students who need a particularly quiet setting in which to work to try the quiet areas at the back of the Library, between the book stacks and the windows.  Finally, if you are still unable to find a space that is quiet enough for you, the Info Desk can supply you with free earplugs.

Parent Feedback – Website


Well, for one I think you’ve done a fantastic job on this website! It’s so easy on the eyes with a nice color scheme and clear layout. I am not a student at MRC but my son is and I think you are a fantastic college. – Danny


Thank you for the compliment and  thanks to our web development team for a job well done!

New Subscription – ResearchNow from Berkley Electronic Press

berkeleyepress_logo With this new Library subscription, you can now access:

Over 40 peer-reviewed journals published by the Berkley Electronic Press

Preprints and working papers:

Explore ResearchNow to keep current with your area(s) of interest. The database is linked from the Library homepage under Find -> Articles/Encyclopedias/Dictionaries -> General -> Other Relevant Resources

Any queries? Please feel free to contact the Library Info Desk.

Mac computers in the Library

We will be using all of the library Mac computers for internal staff training on Tuesday, January 27th, from 10-11 and 2-3.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Students working on the Macs will be asked to relocate to other computers while the training is occurring.  While we will do our best to keep all noise to a minimum, you may want to seek study spaces elsewhere in the library during those time slots if you feel that the training session may detract from your work.

Thank you!

Obama Inauguration on Live TV

For those who are interested in watching Obama’s inauguration live, the Library will have a couple of TVs set up just right outside the Library’s main entrance, starting at 9am this morning till the end of the ceremony.

Get Your Chat On!

Starting NOW, you can chat with your Library! Ask us about research, citations, assignments and Library stuff in general; live, fast and online using LibHelp.  If you’re reading this, you’re already on our site so try clicking on any of the choices in the “Find” menu on the left.  If we’re online, you’ll find a LibHelp chat box in the right-hand side of any of the “Find”, “How Do I?” or “Help” pages on our site.  Just click in the box and ask us your question from anywhere on or off campus with an internet connection. If we’re off-line, check back during the posted hours or come see us at the Info desk!

This is a pilot project we are trying for this semester and depending on how it goes (how helpful you find it) we may continue to offer this service in the future. For now, the hours that we are available are:

Monday-Thursday     10:00am – 6:00pm
Friday                          10:00am – 4:00pm

Check it out!

Please note: LibHelp uses live, human Library Experts from the MR Library Information Desk, not androids, robots, or Libroticons.  No Library Experts were harmed during the making of this new service.

New Chat Hotness on the Horizon!

We know there are times in the semester when you spend all day in the Library working on a paper or assignment. You stake out your spot, stock up on coffee and hunker down for some hard-core research and writing. It’s totally convenient for you to stop by the Information Desk and consult us for some research assistance, citation help or anything, really.

We also know that there are times when the Library is packed , loud, or doesn’t fit with your schedule. Starting next week, we’ll begin piloting a new service that we’re calling LibHelp. You’ll be able to chat with us from other labs on campus, cafés, home, work, even from the other side of the world! Online and fast .

Stay tuned, we’ll post more info in the next few days!

*heart*  The Library

Feature films from the library??

Did you know the Library has a large collection of feature films that can be loaned out from the Media Desk? From Indiana Jones to Star Wars – check out some of your favourites or discover something new.  DVDs are loaned out for one day, however if you borrow on a Friday you can keep the DVD until Monday!