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EBSCO Database Enhancements


You might be familiar with searching the EBSCO databases, but have you tried browsing the database indexes to help you find what you are looking for?  For example, by browsing and selecting entries from a Subject Terms index to search, your results should be much more relevant than a basic keyword search.

Recently, additional indexes have been added to 2 EBSCO databases:

  1. Family and Society Studies Worldwide
  2. Wildlife and Ecology Studies Worldwide

Other than previously available indexes like Geographic Terms, you can also browse by:

  1. Company Entity
  2. People
  3. Reviews & Products

Entries from these 3 indexes have also been added to the Subject Terms index.

Similar enhancements are underway for 2 other databases:

  1. Child Development and Adolescent Studies
  2. Gender Studies Database

To explore the indexes, once you’re in the individual database, find the blue menu bar at the top and look for the word Indexes.

Please feel free to contact the Library Info Desk if you’d like a quick demo.  Happy browsing 🙂

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