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New York Times (1851-2006) with Index (1851-1993)


If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Library’s recent subscription to this Historical Newspapers collection yet, now is a good time.  Several features are now in place to facilitate access to the content.

Enchancement over the weekend has brought a new Topics tab, which provides a screen where you can search for topics originally published in print in The New York Times Index between 1851 and 1993.  You can also browse by different Categories:

  1. Companies/Organizations
  2. Locations
  3. People
  4. Subject

These same categories are also searchable via the Advanced Search screen (click on the drop-down menu of the search box and notice the ones marked with an asterisk).

Articles  published within the period covered by the NYT Index (1851-1993) have 3 additional fields:

  1. Topic headings
  2. NYT Index summary
  3. Print location (ie. page and column nubmers)

Check it out.  Access New York Times (1851-2006) with Index (1851-1993) from the Library homepage:  Click on Find > Articles > News.  It’s the 6th database listed there.

Any queries?  Please contact the Library Info Desk.

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