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Enjoy a coffee and learn about SLAC

Interested in learning more about the Student Library Advisory Committee?  Join us for an information meeting on October 28th from 10-11 in the Library Boardroom (G201, across from the Herb n’ Market).  Coffee and goodies will be available!!

Please email Carol Shepstone ( for more info or to volunteer for SLAC.

Student Feedback – Facebook


“Please block Facebook. It’s a pain when people are checking their messages when I have work to do. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.”


Sorry to hear of your frustration.  Currently the University does not block Facebook but academic use does take priority on the student computers.  Please see a staff member, we would be happy to remind someone about this policy.  Thanks for your feedback.

Science Behind the Nobel Prizes


Want to learn more about the 2009 Nobel Prize winners and the science behind their works?  Just click on the links from this AccessScience News page to access related Encyclopedia Articles and Research Updates.

In addition to Medicine, Chemistry and Physics, AccessScience covers practically all areas of science including: Agriculture, Anthropology & Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology, Computing, Earth, Engineering, Environmental, Mathematics, Paleontology and Psychology & Psychiatry.

A lot of new content and features have been added to AccessScience over the past couple of months. Here are some highlights:

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