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Student Feedback – Facebook


“Please block Facebook. It’s a pain when people are checking their messages when I have work to do. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.”


Sorry to hear of your frustration.  Currently the University does not block Facebook but academic use does take priority on the student computers.  Please see a staff member, we would be happy to remind someone about this policy.  Thanks for your feedback.

10 thoughts on “Student Feedback – Facebook

  1. Its not facebook that is the problem, its how students use the computers in the first place. Don’t just blame facebook, cause there we’ll just be something else studetns my use.

  2. I don’t think FB should be banned, however I will say that I did go and ask a staff member to clear off a computer because all four of the cash only printing computers were being used for email and facebook and she told me to just wait and find another computer.

  3. The Mt. Royal library has always had issues pertaining student miss use of facilities. In 2008 school security would monitor, and enforce library policies. This was stopped by 2009 and it has been a slippery slope since.
    Last year noise levels were out of hand and when, on this very same forum, complaints by your fellow students were made, the forum was deleted.
    Mt. Royal’s library is a joke, not due to staff or lack of resources; the students use the facilities as a lounge of sorts. IT’S A LIBRARY NOT STARBUCKS!
    For those wishing to actually get work done the EA building has a computer lab that is actually used for academic purposes.

  4. The library at “MRU” is totally a joke. From an academic prospective, the library is supposed to be a place of peace and serenity putting the student at a desk in the ‘exam situation’. Observing students in the library meet to discuss everything but school, they simply open they books pretending to do what should be done, and engage in lounge-like behavior. Students, policies, and staff all together paint the picture of what the MRU library is, or has become. I myself, try to avoid it at all costs, unless I want to catch up on gossip of course. Facebook is just a occupant of finding something useless and easy to do. People don’t take academics seriously enough.

  5. Given that most people now have access to Facebook on their mobile devices or have access to a laptop, it is totally pointless and disrespectful to the majority of students here at Mount Royal that campus property computers are being used for purely social purposes. I have yet to see one person on Facebook on campus computers who appears to be doing anything remotely academic. I do not believe that anyone should have access to social network sites on any of these computers. It takes away precious study and research time from those of us who know why we are here. It is fair that everyone needs a break in the middle of a long day here and there, but why can’t these people do this outside of the library of all places?

  6. Facebook should not be banned. For me it is a reflex to type facebook when I open the internet. Sometimes I like to go on Facebook after trying to research articles for a very long time just to give my brain a break. I do think that students who are only looking for a computer to go on Facebook should find somewhere else to do it, as some students need computers ASAP for academic purposes.

  7. I get this every time I take a 5 minute study break and check my messages on Facebook in the library.
    I got this to say: Shut up and use another computer! There’s close to 100 of them! I waited in line just like everybody else, and you should too.

  8. I agree with the issue, but I have been in many classes where we have used facebook groups to connect in group project situations, (sugested by the proffesor) and share research information. It is a social network that all of our group members used, and checked most often.

  9. There are a great number of computer labs and quiet study areas around campus. Perhaps you should learn your way around.

  10. Response to Chris, March 8th:

    If you think the labs and study areas available on MRU’s campus are actually sutable places for people to be focused and productive in, then, as indicated by your ignorance, you are part of the problem.

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